The cheapest car insurance around

Where to get instant car insurance quotes

Start the process of getting the (most) cheapest car insurance by obtaining quotes from online quote sites like progressive.com and carinsurancequotes.com.

Obtaining a quote

Take 10 minutes to fill up the web form and then (in many cases) get an instant reply.

Comparing your quotes

Tabulate your results on a spreadsheet to begin your comparison. Create a column for contact information. As you go, create more columns.

Rate the providers

A competitive quote is important, and so is good customer service. Go to rating sites like standardandpoors.com and find out how they rate in terms of financial strength and customer service.

What is good customer service?

This means that claims are processed quickly and genuine car parts are used. It also means that you get the information that you are looking for when you contact the provider.

Ask for discounts

Short-list the providers and call them up to ask about discounts. Create another column. As you compare, you will naturally further short-list the providers.

Shop and compare to save

Shopping and comparing car insurance quotes are almost a must in this competitive industry. Researching in this way can save you hundreds of dollars.

Work with an independent agent

If necessary, consider hiring an independent insurance agent. An independent agent is not affiliated with any provider in particular, giving you unbiased advice. Additionally, this person can customise a plan to your unique situation, giving you the cheapest car insurance that you can qualify for. Should there be a fee for her service, it is negotiable.

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