Find out how to purchase 1 to 28 days car insurance here

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Have you ever needed temporary car insurance but find it very difficult to find such a policy? Many companies now have policies available where you can easily get covered from 1 to 28 days. Your car insurance is even fully comprehensive so you can be assured that in the event of an accident, you will be covered.

So why would you need temporary car insurance? Perhaps you want to insure a friend on your car for a couple of days or maybe you need to drive your boss's car for a couple of weeks. These flexible policies offer a cheap and reliable way for you to be back on the road for a small period.

Two of the best companies providing temporary car insurance are Aviva and Dayinsure. Both companies provide very competitive quotes online through their websites.

With Aviva.co.uk and dayinsure.com you get the same great benefits with your temporary policy as you would with their annual policy. Some of their great benefits include:

  • You decide how long you are insured for
  • Does not affect no claims discount
  • Option to add breakdown assistance
  • Quick and easy to arrange
  • 24 hour UK based customer support

To get the best savings on your temporary cover you should get your quote online. Aviva have an automatic 10% discount to all policies that are purchased or renewed online.

So fear no more! 1 to 28 days car insurance has arrived and has proven to be the cheapest and most reliable way of getting temporary car insurance!

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