Save money with one day car insurance for young drivers

If you're a young driver and you're finding it difficult to get insured on your first car, then you aren't alone. Insurance companies throughout the UK are notorious for not taking risks on young drivers. To be fair to them though, the stats back up their position.

Every year in the UK over 5000 teenagers are killed in road accidents. Many of these deaths can be blamed on poor driving; driving too fast, or without a seatbelt, or even due to distraction from friends. A teenager is twice as likely to have an accident as someone over 25. So you can't blame insurance companies for running a mile!

However, you do have options. If the quotes you have been receiving for a year's cover are exorbitant, then why not consider one day car insurance for young drivers? A short-term policy is perfect for a number of reasons.

A short term policy is perfect as it allows you to build up a record of safe driving, without falling into debt to pay a year-long premium. We recommend pointing your browser towards www.dayinsure.com and taking a look at some of their products.

This site offers insurance from one day to 28 days, and it's the perfect starting point on your road to getting longer term cover. They also specialise in different types of short term cover, like Motor Home, Motorbike, Mini Bus Cover and Van Cover. They're your one stop shop for short term insurance cover. Check it out today!

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