Where can you get the best deal on a 1 month loan?

Are you in the market for a short term loan to help you plug the gaping hole in your finances and meet your commitments? We have all endured times where there was too much month left at the end of our money, and this is exactly what pay day loans, or a 1 month loan was designed to cover. We have sought out the best available price on one of these loans to help you get back on the property ladder, so lets take a look.

Pay Day Loans are a relatively new product in the UK. They are characterised by their short term nature as well as the high interest rates they charge. For getting quick cash in though, there is simply no better way to do it.

For a site that offers brilliant terms on a 1 month loan, we recommend checking out the 1 Month Loan site at https://www.1monthloan.co.uk/index.php?. This site offers pay day loans at hugely competitive rates, and they have a transparent and easy to use slider on their site that shows exactly how much a loan will cost you. To give you an idea of their set-up, it will cost you £150 to borrow £500 in cash.

Even if you have bad credit, the next site we are going to suggest is more than willing to help you out in a financial bind, and that site is Cheap Fast Loans at http://www.cheapfastloans.co.uk/1_month_loans.html. This site offers Payday loans on periods of time stretching from one day to 30 days. Their rates are in line with the market, and they offer credit at £25 per £100 that you borrow. Make sure and pay back your loan before the interest kicks in though!

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