Save money with short term van insurance

If you just need a van to perform a short term job, or the thoughts of paying for a year's policy is off putting, then have you considered 1 month van insurance? It could be just the thing you're looking for!

For an example of a quality short term Van Insurance policy, point your browser in the direction of http://www.van-insurance-britain.co.uk/pay-as-you-go-van-insurance.html, and let's take a look at the policies on offer.

Van Insurance Britain specialise in van insurance, as you'd expect, and they're one of the UK's leading providers of short term van insurance. Their policies work like a "pay as you go" style package, that can be switched on and off when you need it, it's an unbelievably flexible insurance package.

When your premium expires, Van Insurance Britain will email you to confirm you want to extend, and if you do, they'll automatically take care of the details. They offer a range of generous perks with their premiums including cover for up to four drivers on four different vehicles, one year No Claims Discount for only eight months actual cover, and the monthly rate you are quoted will be guaranteed for eight months, providing no changes are made to your insurance policy.

Van Insurance Britain will also cover you in the event the van breaks down anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. With all these offers, it's easy to see why Van Insurance Britain is getting such a big reputation!

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