1 to 28 days car insurance cover

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Are you looking to buy 1 to 28 days car insurance cover? There are numerous insurance companies that offer short term car insurance between this period. Most insurance policies cover you for a year. However, short term car insurance covers you for those unexpected occasions. You might want to insure your friend for a day or two, or take delivery of a new vehicle. Whatever your reason, short term car insurance cover is there to help you.

There are numerous insurance companies that offer short term car insurance cover. One such company is Aviva Insurance, which covers short term drivers.The website can be found at aviva.co.uk, where you can enquire about their policies. This short term insurance does not affect your no claims bonus with your main policy. You can apply online and be insured within minutes, upon completion of an application form and payment by debit or credit card. The policy is third party but can be upgraded to fully comprehensive cover, in which you will be able to travel to any European destination.

However there are a set of minimum requirements imposed by the majority of insurance companies when seeking this type of cover. You must be 21 years old, you should not have any drink, drugs, reckless or dangerous driving offences as this would put you as a high risk candidate for short term insurance cover.

Short term car insurance is the ideal solution if you are only planning short trips, or need to get insured on a different vehicle for a short period.

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