10 ways to get cheap insurance for your car

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With the rising costs of car insurance these days, it is a wonder any of us can still afford it. Rates have rocketed sky high this year and this trend is expected to continue. If you follow the steps in this guide, you will save money and hopefully find cheap insurance for your car.

  1. Use comparison sites such as gocompare.com or confused.com as they search a wide range of insurers to find you the best price
  2. Buy your policy online - most insurers give a discount for purchasing your policy online
  3. Build a no claims bonus to save up to 80% on your insurance in years to come
  4. Increase your voluntary excess - voluntary excess is the amount you are willing to pay in the event of any claim
  5. Install an alarm or immobiliser - security features will reduce your premium considerably
  6. Reducing your annual mileage to less than the average of 12,000km can also reduce your premium
  7. Add a more experienced driver such as a family member as a named driver
  8. Do a pass plus course which is designed for new drivers and can save you up to 30% off your insurance
  9. Keep modifications to a minimum as they add value to your vehicle
  10. Stick with a car with a smaller engine. A standard 1,000cc car is perfect for your first car

Finding cheap insurance for your car will be made so much easier if you follow the 10 steps mentioned above. Hopefully this guide helps you save! Safe driving!

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