Where can you get a 100 pound payday loan?

If you are paid monthly sometimes you miscalculate your funds by a few quid, this is where the 100 pound payday loan comes into play. You can get just enough cash to ensure that you can make it through the week and pay them back when you have the cash to cover it.

With a payday loan it is in your interest to repay as soon as possible. The interest is generally quite high but if you pay back as soon as possible you will not notice ho high it actually is. With a regular loan the interest stay well under the 10% mark but with a payday loan it ranges from 25%-50% so make sure you know what you are signing up for before you apply.

Websites like paydaypower.co.uk and microlend.co.uk are the perfect places to go for a small payday loan. They offer a great service and it takes only minutes to get the cash transferred to you.

There really aren't much requirements to meet, because the loans are so small, the lenders are much more willing to take the risk. This means that bad credit and outstanding loans generally will not come into play.

Both websites have an interest rate of 25% as long as it is repaid on payday, everyday after that this you can expect to pay a lot more. If you take your 100 pound payday loan from either Micro Lend or Pay Day Power you will be repaying only £125 come payday, not too bad!

If you are looking for small payday loans then get online and apply today. You will received the money on the same day and it's easy to meet their criteria so be sure to check out these great websites.

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