Where can you find the best 15% deposit mortgage deals

Are you hoping to snag a mortgage but don't have a massive amount to spend on the deposit for it? Finding a mortgage with a low deposit can be quite tough in these economically perilous times, but that doesn't mean there aren't offers out there. In this blog we'll be showing you the best places to get 15% deposit mortgage deals.

One company sticking their neck out right now to offer a great deal to prospective home buyers is Nationwide, and you can check out their mortgage offers at http://www.nationwide.co.uk. Nationwide are currently offering mortgage packages with deposits of just 10 or 15%, leaving you more money to actually set up your new home. All you need to do to qualify is be a Flex Account holder, and you can sign up at http://www.nationwide.co.uk/current_account/default.htm.

Their low deposit mortgages offer a competitive three or five year fixed rate mortgage that will offer you 85 to 90% of your home loan. They are even offering a £500 discount on the product fee right now, available if you apply directly online. This exclusive offer is open to first time buyers, or a new customer moving home.

Nationwide currently offer an extremely helpful mortgage calculator on their site, so if you are unsure whether you could afford to take out one of their mortgages, then this tool will provide the answer. Check them out today to get a brilliant deal on a low deposit mortgage.

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