Companies that make almost everything we consume

We’re so used to brands that we don’t often see passed them. That means that we’re really not that aware that most of the consumer goods we buy from supermarkets in the UK are produced by just 2 major multinational corporations.


American firm Proctor and Gamble produce cosmetic goods, food, haircare a cleaning products, all of which have instantly recognisable brand names. Stuff like Ariel washing powder, Plenty kitchen towels, Crest toothpaste, Febreze odor control, Gillette razors, Olay beauty products, Head and Shoulder shampoo, Vicks cough and cold products, Pampers baby products and Charmin bathroom tissue are made by P&G. Always, Bold, Daz, Fixodent, Max Factor cosmetics and Old Spice colognes, deodorants, body washes are other brands you’ll be familiar with that these guys produce. If those brands aren’t enough to make you wonder how powerful this firm really is, check out the following list of brand these guys used to own: Duracell batteries, Pringles potato chips and Sure antiperspirants.


The Dutch-British firm Unilever is the other major player in the consumer goods market. They’re the main rivals for P&G, and checking out their list of brands tells us exactly why they’re the only firm that can compete with them. These guys own Lynx deodorant, Dove soaps, Sure deodorants which was originally with P&G and Surf detergents. If you’re shopping in one of the food aisles at your local supermarket, Unilever goods will most probably be on the shelves as these are the guys who bring us Flora butter, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Brooke Bond, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Marmite and PG Tips. Unilever is the world's biggest ice cream producer too. Ben & Jerry's, Carte D'Or, Cornetto, Magnum, Viennetta, Solero and Twister are just some of the recognisable ice cream brands these guys produce.

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