How to find out the 22 carat gold price per gram

The current uncertainty in the global stock markets has seen us all grope for an extra way to get a bit of cash, leading some of us to consider looking into Cash For Gold resellers. These companies do offer some surprisingly decent prices for your old gold, and you can arm yourself with a rough idea of how much your gold is worth to help you avoid any dodgy quotes. We are going to help you with that as we show you how to work out the 22 carat gold price per gram.

Cash for Gold is very much in vogue there days with every TV commercial break stuffed with promises of riches just waiting for you to discover in your house. While the truth may not be as glitzy as this, there is still money to be made if you know what you are doing.

A good first step is to know what the current price of gold is. As it fluctuates so wildly, there is no real point in us listing the current price. So a better option for you is to check out the current prices at http://www.goldprice.org/ as they have charts with all of the current prices for each weight and carat.

Finding out the carat is a simple process too. Each genuine gold piece will have a hallmark on it somewhere. The higher the number of the Hallmark, the better. To give an example, 24 carat gold's hallmark is 999, while 22 Carat is 936. So look out for the figure. Then it's simply a case of weighing your gold and multiplying the gram figure by the value of whatever carat gold it is. Simple!


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