What is the current 22k gold price per gram?

Have you got some old gold that you are looking to sell for a bit of profit? More and more Britons are cottoning on to the easy money to be made from selling their old gold and heirlooms, but, because of this, more and more companies are taking a chance to try and rip off a lot of people's lack of knowledge on how much their gold is worth.

Knowing how to identify the value of your gold is vital to avoid any chance of getting a bad deal, so that's why in this blog we'll be looking at how you can find out the 22k gold price per gram in the UK. So lets check it out.

How you know what Carat your gold is is a simple process. You just look for the Hallmark stamp somewhere on the gold. If it is 22 Carat gold, it will either be stamped with 22K or else 916, depending on where the gold was made. If you are finding it hard to spot the Hallmark, simply bring the piece of jewellery into a jewellers and they will find it for you.

Next, you need to establish the weight of your gold. This is as simple as using a gram scale to get an idea of the weight. Once you have this, simply use a site like goldprice.org to check out the current value of gold. If your gold is 22 Carat, then you need to divide it by 24 to get the purity. You then multiply the current price of 22 Carat gold by the figure you have to establish just how much you gold is worth.

It's worth noting, you will never get 100% of the value of your gold. The figure will likely be nearer to 80 or 90% as the difference makes up the gold reseller's bottom line.

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