We check out the current 24k gold price per gram

Those of you with even the most fleeting of interest in the stock market and broader economy will no doubt be aware that gold is fast becoming the go to commodity for investors. Despite the shaky financial footing of the world right now, it would appear that gold offers one of the soundest investment opportunities available.

Whether or not you are a professional investor, it pays to keep an eye on how things are going in the global stock market, as well as watching out for any potential investments that might help secure your financial future.

For many, gold prices are quite prohibitive - especially when bought in bulk - thanks to the high price of the substance. This price is down to the fact that gold is relatively rare in comparison to other metals. Despite out current technology, the amount of new gold becoming available at any given time is much lower than that of other metals.

This factor, coupled with the high desirability of gold thanks to its shiny, flawless appearance and its strong, durable nature means that the likelihood of gold prices taking a substantial tumble in the coming years is relatively slim, making it a good investment for everyone - regardless of the quantity you decide to buy.

In order to keep track on the current market prices for gold, there are a number of websites specialising in up to the minute updates from stock exchanges around the world. These websites aggregate all the activity from various countries and deliver a current price that you can rely on.

With charts available on these sites to keep track on ongoing trends, such as the price over a set period of time, you'll know that you're never far from knowing the exact price.

Some of our favourite sites for tracking gold prices include www.ukbullion.com and www.myprecious.co.uk, the latter of which places the current 24k gold price per gram at an impressive £29.36, as of April 21st 2011. This figure represents a steep increase in the value when compared to the prices a few short years ago.

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