250,000 people ticked off

Fuming sports fans denounced yesterday the ‘farcical’ ticketing allocation system for the 2012 London Olympics, after a quarter of a million applicants lost out altogether.

A quarter of million people of 1.8million hopefuls were left with nothing, as the Games were massively oversubscribed. The booking system allowed for wealthy fans to apply for many tickets, worth several thousands of pounds, in the hope of winning just a few of them, while less wealthy households could ill afford to take the same gamble.

One Twitter user wrote: 'So no tickets at all for my kids - not for the hockey, the fencing, the canoeing. Motto: Let's disappoint the nation's youth.'

Those who missed out on tickets will be given priority when a second wave of tickets is released later this year. However, these tickets will be for less popular events such as handball and tiddly winks.

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