Lending your car to a mate for a couple of days? Get 48 hours car insurance

Lending your precious car to friends or family for a couple of days always comes with mixed feelings. One one hand, you are thrilled to let your loved ones enjoy your pride and joy! On the other, you are beleaguered by worry that something unfortunate may happen to the person or the car.

What is more, it is likely that your own car insurance does not cover drivers other than yourself if an accident may happen. How can you satisfy your loved ones request and calm your nerves? Organise a 48 hours car insurance policy!

Also known as temporary car insurance, this type of coverage allows for your car to be completely protected against road accidents for a short period of time. It is also an ideal way to keep your car insurance expenses at a minimum if you do not use your vehicle very often.

Where can you organise 48 hour car insurance? We recommend visiting the website of DayInsure.com. These guys provide temporary car insurance policies that are underwritten by big-name insurers, such as Aviva, RAC, QBE and Mondial Assistance UK. Via DayInsure.com, you can book your 48 hours car insurance up to 28 days prior to usage.

To get a free quote, simply log on to the DayInsure.com site, click through to their Temporary Car Insurance page, click on Get a Quote and fill in their online form. If you are happy with your estimate you can purchase the insurance immediately online. You will have your 48 hour car insurance, and your peace of mind, in no time!

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