What insurance company currently offers 7 day free car insurance?

If you are looking for a Car Insurance policy that's heavy on extras and light on actual cost, then you really need to check out Aviva's Driveaway Insurance policy, after all, it currently offers 7 day free car insurance to all customers. What's not to love about that?

Aviva's Driveaway is a revolutionary new package offered to people who buy a car from participating dealers. Basically, it allows you to have seven days free comprehensive cover from Aviva with no strings attached. What's in it for them, I hear you ask. Well, the idea is that you'll remain on as an Aviva customer after the policy ends.

Included in your Driveaway policy you will get: seven days free comprehensive cover, unlimited legal liability cover for death or injury to any person, and you'll get up to £20 million legal liability cover for damage to another person's property. There are however one or two restrictions to who can avail of the Driveaway package.

It's subject to Aviva's standard terms and conditions, which you can find on their site at aviva.co.uk. The offer of seven free days of cover is also not available to drivers under the age of 21, or for cars that are more than ten years old. The cover isn't available for Motorcycles, Vans or kit cars either, and you can only have one Driveaway Insurance policy per customer per vehicle registration number.

If you want to extend the policy, simply call Aviva when your seven days are up, and they will give you a quote for a full year long policy, it's that simple!

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