7 Days Car Insurance in the UK

Rather than buying expensive yearly insurance you could opt for a 7 days car insurance UK policy, which covers your vehicle for one week. If you're going on a trip somewhere or intend to use someone else's car for a short period of time then buying short term insurance is a sensible alternative to paying additional insurance, especially if you're certain you won't use the car (or you plan on using very infrequently).

Flexible Terms

Short term car insurance is designed to cover you for a set amount of days, but the terms are normally flexible. Often, you can cover your car for 1 - 28 days, so you don't always have to apply for 7 days car insurance from UK providers. If you need an extra day you can add it on to your insurance quote with little adjustment to the price. In some cases you can given call your insurer at short notice to extend your short term car insurance for an extra few days.

Additional Drivers

You can normally add additional drivers to your 7 days car insurance in the UK. If your driving someone else's car for 7 days they can also insure you for 7 days rather than taking out long term cover, but they will need to check with their current car insurance provider.

7 Day Car Insurance UK Providers

Most providers offer cover over 1 - 28 days but you can adjust the amount of cover you need before receiving a quote. Some UK providers of short term car insurance are:

  • Day Cover (daycover.com)
  • InsureDaily (insuredaily.co.uk)
  • TempCover (tempcover.com)

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