How to work out the 9 ct gold price per gram

If you are in need of some extra cash you might be considering selling some gold. Since the economic downturn the value of gold has risen and it is therefore in high demand. Nowadays there are many high street shops and online companies offering to buy scrap gold, all of them promising to provide the best market value. However it is always recommended that you find out how much your gold is worth independently, by working out the appropriate price for your gold's carat, such as the 9 ct gold price per gram.

Before you can figure out how much your gold is worth, you must know its quality. Pure gold is classed as being 24 carats, but this is rarely used in jewellery as it is actually quite soft. Instead other metals are usually mixed with the gold, which reduces its purity and therefore the overall worth of the item. A 1 ct gold piece contains one part gold and 23 parts additional metals, while a 9 ct gold piece will have nine parts gold. This simple system lets buyers know how much pure gold is contained in each sample. Generally jewellery will be hallmarked, so it should be easy for you to discover the quality of the gold in your item.

Usually gold prices are given in Troy ounces, which equate to 31.1 grams. If you look up the current price of gold at lbma.org.uk, you will be given a value for 1 Troy ounce of 24 carat gold. Convert this to grams by dividing by 31.1. If you with to know the 9 ct gold price per gram, then divide 9 by 24 and multiply your answer by the price of pure gold in grams. This will tell you how much each gram of your gold is worth. If you multiply this figure by the weight of your gold items, you should know how much your belongings are worth.

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