Are any companies currently offering 95 FTB mortgages?

Are you trying to get yourself a mortgage but don't have a lot of money to spend on a deposit? This is a situation that a lot of first time buyers find themselves in and the situation has been complicated by the fact that a lot of financial institutions have tightened their purse strings thanks to the economic downturn.

So, what are your options for finding 95 FTB mortgages? Well, Nationwide Building Society have recently launched a new 95% mortgage package for their customers and it's blazing a trail for consumers tired of hearing no from their banks and financial institutions. You can view Nationwide's full range of mortgage packages at nationwide.co.uk/mortgages.

The only stipulation for the Nationwide Building Society mortgage offer is that you must be a member of the Building Society for at least six months, and put away a small amount of money with them. Once you've done this then you qualify to get a quote. While the nature of a building society prevents them from giving a definitive answer online, they will give you a decision in principal instantly online.

If you currently have a Nationwide Flex Account as your main current account (you'll need to demonstrate this), then you qualify for a host of special offers including favourable interest rates. They also have an online mortgage calculator on their site, so you will see how much a mortgage with Nationwide would cost you. Check them out today for a great deal on your upcoming mortgage!


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