Things to keep in mind when getting loans for small businesses

Small businesses sometimes require business loans to get off the ground or expand. The loans for small businesses might not always be the most appealing, but they sometimes can be the only option. Here, we examine some of the things you need to keep in mind when getting a small business loan.


Small business loans are usually secured against the personal assets of the applicant. It is, therefore, important that you thoroughly check your business plan and predict all business figures before applying for the loan. This is especially important when starting a new business because it can save you money, time and stress later on.

To get a better understanding of the potential of your small business, you may want to temporarily run it on a part time basis. This can also help identify areas that can be improved before launching the business. Once you are confident about the potential of the business, proceed to find the right small business loan.

Finding the right small business loan

There are different places that provide loans for small businesses. The UK government has a small business loan scheme that generally requires applicants to place down 25% security and it finances the rest. All mainstream banks also provide loans to small businesses. It is recommended you visit your bank first to see what they have to offer.

Carefully analyse the loan repayment terms, interest rate and length of the loan to ensure you are getting the right loan. Read the fine print on the loan terms and make sure you are comfortable with them. Do not make any assumptions about these as they may prove costly when repaying the loan.

Also, take a business loan with a low interest rate to prevent it eating too much into the profits of your small business. Moreover, agree only to a realistic loan repayment time scale. Do not go for a loan that will take a very short time to repay as this often means it has a high interest rate, unless you are prepared to pay the high rate.


Loans for small businesses are beneficial because they guarantee money for a specific period, usually three to ten years. Also, the loans usually come with fixed interest rates that make it possible for people to know exactly how much they are expected to repay each month. As long as loan terms are not breached, small business loans can prove useful to getting your small business off the ground and on track to generating profits.

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