A third off house values?

The Coalition's plan to change planning laws in favour of developers could spell a drop in value of up to a third to properties in the desirable green belt.

Building and development companies stand to make a mint if they are given a free hand to do what they please on Britain's fields and meadows.

David Pardoe, a director of Chesterton Humberts’ rural division in Salisbury, told the Telegraph: 'It is the larger and higher value country houses that will suffer the most if developers are given the go ahead to build in green belt and other protected areas, as it could jeopardize three of the factors by which a country house is valued; its privacy levels, the views it has, and its proximity to other properties.

'If a substantial country house were to lose its picturesque country views, it could be decreased in value by at least 30pc, depending on the desirability of its location. Generally, the higher value the property is, the higher the percentage decrease could be.'

Charles Ellingworth, founder of Property Vision, said: “If you have a good house that has its view ruined, you would be looking at a 30pc to 40pc devaluation.

'But I don’t think England is going to disappear under a sea of concrete. It will not be like Ireland, where there is a little bungalow every half a mile along the road. The Government is proposing to loosen the reins on planning consent; not remove them altogether.'

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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