What's included in AA car insurance?

Did you know that trusty breakdown service, the AA, also provides car insurance?

The comprehensive cover includes a 24 hour telephone claims line, available every day of the year – even Christmas Day – and offers no claims discounts.

Drivers are covered for emergency treatment, and responsibility for injury to other parties or damage to their property.

And if you plan to take your car across the Channel, that’s covered, too – with up to 90 days' insurance within EU countries. Damage caused by fire or theft is also accounted for, together with accidental damage – and you’ll get a courtesy car while your vehicle is being mended.

Also included in AA comprehensive car insurance are replacement locks and keys up to a maximum value of £1,000 and replacement child car seats. Drivers will not lose out on their no claims discount if they need repairs to the windscreen or windows.

If you have kept some possessions in the vehicle, they are insured up to £250, or for AA members, up to £500. The only exception is sat nav gear which has an upper limit of £250.

Meanwhile, there is £5,000 of cover for injury to, or death of, the driver or his/ her partner, which rises to £7,500 for AA members, along with £300 for medical expenses, which again increases to £400 if you are a member.

The insurance also allows for £50 per person for overnight accommodation or onward transport, up to a maximum of £250 for all passengers.

There are two other levels of AA car insurance – third party, fire and theft; and third party only, which vary in the extent of their cover, so it’s worth checking the website at www.theaa.com to see which one is most suitable for you.


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