Abbey Mortgages for existing customers only

Although Santander took over Abbey, including mortgages for existing customers and other products, previous customers from Abbey can still apply for a mortgage deal (as long as they still bank with Santander after the take over). They can also apply for additional deals if they already had a mortgage with Abbey.

Moving Home

If you are moving home and have previously had a mortgage with Abbey National you can apply again for one of Santander's mortgages, or take your existing deal with you. Abbey mortgages for existing customers are exclusive, flexible plans with a range of competitive products if you choose to take out a new deal.

If you're in the last six months of any existing deal, Santander will even waiver the early repayment charge to allow you to choose a new deal. This only applies to previous Abbey mortgages for existing customers, not new Santander customers.

Abbey mortgages for existing customers also come with a range of other of benefits, even if you are applying for a new mortgage from Santander. Their packages include professional legal advice, financial help towards valuations and legal costs and better rates exclusive to existing customers.

Additional Borrowing

Abbey mortgages for existing customers also allow you to take out additional finance from Santander, such as unlocking the value of your home through an additional loan. Additional loans can be used to add value to your home via extensions and other building works, or you can remortgage your property with exclusive rates for existing customers.

The rates for additional finance on your home are only exclusive to Abbey customers, or current customers with Santander. If you had an account previously with Abbey National but don't use it as your main account you can still apply for mortgage deals.

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