The benefits of Abbey online banking

Abbey online banking, is now part of the Santander Banking Corporation. Their online banking facilities mean customers can access a number of important services from their own home. Santander, formerly Abbey National, offer one of the longest running internet financial services, and it is famed for its easy-to-use, security-conscious website.

Before you can access the services offered by Abbey online banking, you must first hold an account with the bank. They offer a wide-range accounts from savings to current accounts, with variable and fixed-rate options. Before opening an account it is important you choose one that is suitable for your purpose. Once you have your account up and running, you will be offered the opportunity of internet banking.

Online banking does not take the place of branch banking, meaning you can access services over the internet or in your local branch, whichever suits you the most. Once you have signed up for Abbey online banking they will send you a unique number password through the post. They will also ask you to provide the answer to a security question, which ideally should be either something only you know the answer too or that is hard for another person to figure out. The password and question, along with your account number will help you log on to your account from your desired computer.

Once online you will be able to access your account balance, set-up and delete direct debits, apply for an overdraft and loan and contact your bank if you have a query. You can also make transfers to another account as well as having access to a range of Santander's superior mortgage services. Banking online cuts down on the need for paper statements and letters, making everything more streamline.

It is important once you do have access to banking online that you are aware of potential security issues. No matter where you access your account, at home or in a public place, you should always log out of your internet account to prevent someone else accessing your information.

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