Where to find reliable advice on Aberdeen investments

If you're someone looking for Aberdeen investments and an asset management company, you may find it challenging to find companies that cater for individuals. The good news is that Aberdeen Asset Management caters for large institutions and individuals, so if you need advice on investing this is where you should go.

According to their site the total of client assets under their management comes to an astounding 185.8 billion pounds.  This company prides itself in delivering superior performance on assets under its management, and its high standard of client service.  The interesting thing is that the company also manages assets in various and diverse asset types or classes.

The company functions worldwide and has 1,853 staff members in 23 countries, and if you choose United Kingdom on the map section of the homepage you'll be directed to a page that offers information for both private and professional investors. This URL should take you directly to that page: http://www.aberdeen-asset.co.uk/

Private investors can invest through onshore and offshore funds and you have a choice of over 40 funds in which to invest. You're also able to research their products and stay up to date on any investments you make once you sign up for their email service.  There's also the option of investment trusts,and you're able to find all the information, reports and prices you need for UK companies that are managed by Aberdeen Asset Management.

This site in itself should give you all the resources you need to invest wisely, but if you'd prefer to speak to someone you could visit the contact page for all offices in the UK. You can use this URL to head there directly: http://www.aberdeen-asset.com/aam.nsf/Contacts/UK, and there you'll find addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers for all UK branches.

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