What Are Academic Grants?

Academic grants are grants offered by academic institutions, usually colleges and universities, to enrolled students and for the purpose of obtaining academic goals or those related to their studies. In most cases, you will need excellent academic records, as well as a proposal that has proven and significant benefits either for the academia or the society in general before you can obtain this type of grant.


The British Academy is one of the various educational institutions that offer this type of grant. Theirs in particular is designed to provide funding for scholars pursuing post-doctoral research related to social sciences and humanities. In recent times, the school had also issued a call for support from generous benefactors to provide additional funding in order to offer more research funding for deserving students.


The Funds for Women Graduates is an example of a foundational grant that also doubles as an academic grant. As its name implies, this type of grant is offered not by an educational institution, but by a non-profitable entity such as a foundation. Because of this, students from different schools are eligible to apply. This is definitely good news for students who were not selected by their schools to receive research funding, as well as students who are enrolled in schools that do not offer the type of grant they need.

For the school year of 2011, academic grants offered by this foundation will not amount to more than £6,000 and are only awarded to post-graduate students. Students who are recipients of a foundation main grant are no longer eligible.

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