Adele Net Worth

The extremely popular British singer and songwriter is worth a lot of cash but exactly how much is a closely guarded secret. The Adele net worth figure of $75 million seems to be the most accurate one doing the rounds at the moment. So where does all the cash come from?
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Adele has been in show business since the age of 19. She burst onto the music scene in a big way in 2008 with the appropriately named album 19 which debuted at number one during its first week on the UK charts. In all more than 7 million copies of the album have been sold. Singles like Chasing Pavements, Cold Shoulder, Hometown Glory and Make You Feel My Love helped to cement her reputation for soulful and powerful music. Her debut album has been certified four times platinum in Britain and double platinum in America.


Her blues and jazz-influenced style has also earned her a lot of critical praise. She’s received two Brit Awards and three American Music Awards. Her second album 21 earned the singer six Grammy Awards including Album of the Year and it has been certified 16 time platinum in Britain. All this praise has helped to increase her net worth indirectly through additional sales.


Adele took a reported $32million home during 2012 thanks to smash hits like Set Fire to the Rain and Skyfall, taken from the Bond movie’s soundtrack. Aside from her lucrative singing career the singer has invested some money in property. The $11 million estate in West Sussex she shares with her boyfriend Simon Konecki is a major asset that’s loaded with luxuries. Adele has 2 swimming pools, a tennis court, a small cottage and 25 acres of land.

Final word

Her love of shopping for clothing, jewellery, cosmetics and skin care products might lower the bank balance a little but Adele's talent will always replenish the coffers.

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