Getting the Best Quote From Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral Car Insurance is part of the Admiral Group, which is a Welsh-based insurance firm. Initially, Admiral was known for offering insurance to groups which were considered to be higher risk clients, such as young adults. However they now offer car insurance to a wide range of customers, along with home insurance, travel insurance and more.

In terms of car insurance, Admiral aim to cover the needs to the majority of car owners and drivers in the UK. Regardless of whether you search for a quote online or by phone, you will be required to provide certain personal information before they can work out a premium. Typically you will be asked to supply your name and address, date of birth, postcode and email address. This information is used to identify you when you are dealing with the company.

The remaining information that you will be asked to supply will generally affect your policy and quote. For example the insurance company will wish to know about your marital status, and any children you may have. They will also ask about your occupation and the number of vehicles you own. Admiral car insurance will also ask you when your house insurance is due for renewal and whether you have lived in the UK continuously since birth.

You can obtain a quote from Admiral car insurance by visiting their website at http://www.admiral.com/, or by calling them on 0844 543 4416. Admiral also offer multicar insurance, for those who wish to insure more than one car.

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