Admiral young drivers insurance; the best option for first time drivers

Admiral and young drivers insurance go hand in hand. Admiral have always tried to keep things cheap when it comes to young drivers but with the record of young driver accidents so high, it has not always been easy.

Admiral want to make the best possible policy for young drivers so they have come up with a little bit of genius. SEAT is a project sponsored by Admiral to help get young drivers off to a good start. Instead of people learning at the age of 17 or 18 for the first time, the SEAT project teaches 11-16 year olds.

While this may sound a little crazy to some people, the idea is actually brilliant. The aim is to instil all the right traits and practices at a young age. This will help the kids have a better understanding of how to behave on the road instead of handing the keys over to a first time 18-year-old that is trying to impress his mates.

Realistically, driving is a skill that should be thought in schools at an early age. People should have a real understanding of exactly what is involved with driving and how they should go about doing it. They need to understand the correct signage and have a real grasp of the road rules.

What is even better, is the fact that because Admiral sponsor the program they also recognise the achievements of students. This means Admiral will reduce the insurance costs for anyone that has successfully completed the course.

Head over to the Admiral website for even more information about the SEAT young drivers course.

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