Adrian Flux insurance - Looking after all your insurance needs

We need insurance for everything these days whether it be for your car, home, caravan, travel or your pets. If something goes wrong and you're not insured your bill could cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds! Adrian Flux offer insurance for all of the above. Their main speciality however, is offering specialist motor insurance.

They are The UK's largest provider of specialist cover for classic and vintage cars. All of their quotes are tailored to your individual needs and you can get their best quotes over the telephone but they also provide online quotes. They offer low rates for insurance on vehicles such as:

  • Classic cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Hot hatch cars
  • High performance cars
  • Modified cars
  • 4x4
  • Kit cars
  • Imports

They are an insurance broker and have excellent knowledge of how the market works. When you get a quote from Adrian flux insurance, you are actually getting a quote from more than 40 providers around The UK.

To get a quote you just need to provide some simple details about yourself, your car and your previous driving history. There is even a section on their website for existing customers that allows you to change or modify any part of your policy online.

Getting in touch with Adrian Flux insurance couldn't be any easier. You can call their UK hotline on 0844 888 5544 or you can get an instant quote at adrianflux.co.uk. Or why not visit them on Facebook and "Like" their page! Special deals and competitions can regularly be found through their Facebook page!

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