Can Adrian Flux insurance for young drivers save you money?

We all know how expensive car insurance can be for young drivers, but at the same time we are all no doubt familiar with the reasons for that. Whether you agree or not, the statistics show that younger drivers are far more at risk when it comes to having accidents than their older, more experienced counterparts.

While this certainly isn't the case for all young drivers, no more than it means that all older drivers are perfectly safe, the insurance industry has to protect itself from becoming exposed to huge expense due to inexperienced drivers. Unfortunately for the consumer, this comes at the cost of much higher insurance premiums for young drivers.

Adrian Flux insurance for young drivers, however, aims to offer younger drivers the most affordable insurance on the market today. Not only this, but they'll also gladly take on young drivers who own modified cars - something of a novelty in an insurance industry that normally shies away from such behaviour.

Claiming that young drivers with modified cars are much less likely to make claims due to the fact that they look after their cars so well, Adrian Flux gives example quotes on their website that include £1,400 third party fire and theft with £250 excess for insurance on a Ford Escort XR3i for a 19 year old driver with 1 year's no claims bonus, and just £625 for a 21 year old student third party fire and theft for a Ford Fiesta 1.1 litre.

It's certainly hard to argue with those kind of numbers, so if you'd like to find out how much Adrian Flux could save you, pop on over to the website at adrianflux.co.uk/young-drivers today.

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