Adult Education Grants and Funding

Adult education is considered any kind of further education course (not higher education, which is anything above college work, including a degree) taken by someone over 19 years of age. Adult education grants, also referred to as the Adult Learning Grant (ALG, soon to change) are available at all institutions. But you won't receive as much money as a bachelor degree student.


What is ALG?

ALG are adult education grants set up by the government and given to anyone studying on a further education course, no matter where the course is. ALG is available to anyone, however changes and funding cuts mean that from September 2011 onwards the service will be replaced by the Discretionary Learner Support fund which does not give out grants to anyone considered an adult learner.


What's the Criteria for New Adult Education Grants?

The Discretionary Learner Support fund is given to people who need help affording their studies and is not an automatic right to finance. Priority is given to lone parents, disabled students or students in severe financial difficulties. You will have to apply based on your individual circumstances to find out how much you can receive.


What's the Grant Used For?

The grant should be used to help cover the cost of:

  • Childcare
  • Travel expenses
  • Books and equipment
  • Other essentials for your study.

Each college or university will have its own application process and will let you know on their form what you should use the grant for and what makes you eligible for support.


What's the General Application Criteria?

Although colleges and universities will have their own application process, the general guidelines set out for applicants by the government are that:

  • You must be over 16 (normally 19 for adult learning courses).
  • Have been accepted into university or college on a further education course or a course funded by the Young People's Learning Agency.

You can claim even if you are receiving other forms of adult education grants - this may influence your application but should not stop you from applying.


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