After the riots

The UK riots have devastated many towns across the country, and caused damage to many properties and businesses, both small and local, like the Reeves furniture store in Clapham, which had been successful for generations, and large like Sony and JD Sports; both targets of the rioters. But what if you have been affected by the rioting and you need to claim insurance? If you hold an insurance policy, you are in a strong position, but even if you don't have insurance, there is still no need to panic. According to experts, if you claim within 14 days, you can pass the responsibility for payment to the police.

The Telegraph's money correspondent, Rosie Murray-West advises, 'Those with small businesses, for example, will get cover for lost business only if they have a specific clause in their policy confirming this. Similarly, you will be covered on your travel insurance if you fly home to deal with the damage only under certain circumstances. If you aren’t covered, you may be able to claim back money from the police yourself, if you lodge a claim within 14 days under the Riot Damages Act. This act was invoked after riots in Moss Side, Toxteth, London and Bristol in 1981.'

So, forget the feelings of anger and frustration, time is of the essence. The most important first step in claiming your insurance is to look at the policy to check what is covered, and to contact your insurance holder without delay.

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