Age concern travel insurance deals

Age Concern travel insurance was introduced in 1983 to offer better deals to older people, where other companies would likely increase their rates. Because Age Concern specifically tailors its products to people over 50, you're likely to get the best deal on the market.

The problem with most travel insurers is that they don't want to insure someone who is getting on in life. They're considered more at risk to injuries or accidents simply because of age, so companies will increase their prices based on this. There could also be problems with claiming against a policy because of pre-existing health conditions, or certain terms in the policy which could make claiming void (such as checking pre-existing conditions first and being sensitive of an applicant's age).

That's where Age Concern travel insurance comes in. They don't claim to offer the cheapest rate on the market, and even admit their premium may be slightly higher, but they guarantee a coverage policy that's tailored for over 50s. This means you won't run into any problems claiming against the policy due to your age, or won't receive a poor level of coverage.

You can normally discuss what level of cover you need and which features are best suited for you when you apply for Age Concern travel, but most basic packages provide/cover for:

  • Flight cancellation due to sickness, injury, weather conditions or even job loss.
  • Travel delay.
  • Sickness, injury or medical conditions overseas.
  • Baggage protection.
  • Medical expenses cover.
  • Free pre-travel advice line for help with visas, passports, documentation, time zones, banking, local holidays .etc.
  • Cover for medical equipment (loss, theft or damage).

To find out more about Age Concern travel insurance, visit Ageuk.org.uk.


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