Are you looking for an agency debt collection service?

Due to the recession more and more companies in the UK are experiencing difficulties in receiving payments owed to them by their debtors. As a result more and more companies are availing of the services of an agency for debt collection.

Debt collection agencies pursue debts owed by individuals or businesses.They collect these debts for a fee or a percentage of the total amount owed.

One of the most prominent debt collection services in the UK is Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency, which can be found online at debtcollect.co.uk. They offer a no collection, no fee service and they offer very competitive rates of between 2 and 20 per cent, depending on the debt owed and the difficulty of collection. They offer a free phone number on 0800 068 5151, where you can talk about you debt collection difficulties.

Another useful debt collection agency is UK Debt Collection, which can be found online at ukdebtcollection.com. It is possible to call them online on 0800 634 1768 or chat online with one of the agents to discuss your debt problems. They also offer a no collection, no fee service and they have a very good success rate in debt collection. They will fist approach your debtor by phone and post and if necessary proceed to court action in an attempt to recover your funds.

Due to the recession these debt collection agencies are thriving. As money becomes more and more difficult to obtain from debtors due to cash flow restraints and other economic factors, these companies are going from strength to strength.


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