Our guide to getting an AIB loans Ireland

It's rare to hear good news in relation to Irish finance these days, but things are beginning to turn ever so slightly, with the two main banks - Bank of Ireland and AIB, finally beginning to loosen the purse strings and start lending money again.

If you've been eyeing up a big purchase for a while, then this will be music to your ears, as you can now expect to receive an AIB loans Ireland if you have a decent credit history.

AIB offer some of the most attractive personal finance products in Ireland, with their personal loan rates extremely competitive against the competition. You can apply for an AIB Personal Loan through any of their branches, or by using their Internet Banking site. The minimum loan amount is E1,500.

Their Personal Loans offer a wide ranging set of benefits to help sway you. These include the following key points.

Unscheduled Repayments: You are free to make unscheduled repayments at any time you wish, should your circumstances change.

Flexible Loan Terms: You can take out the loan over one year or up to five years, the choice is yours.

AIB have also helpfully provided a personal loans calculator on their website at www.aib.ie. In this calculator, you can enter the amount you wish to borrow, and the term you'll be borrowing for. The calculator will then work out how much it will cost oyu, including APR.

AIB Personal Loans are open to anyone above 18 years of age, so check them out today.

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