Get help from Divorce Aid to find divorce lawyers

Divorces can be a trying experience for even the most strong willed of people, especially tough ones where there are disagreements as to property, finances and child custody, but you don't need to face it alone. www.divorceaid.co.uk is a fantastic site, founded by Christina Tait following her own divorce several years ago, in order to provide support and information to anyone going through divorce.

It's not just limited to the advice for the couple themselves though, it also contains great information for kids and friends of people who are going through the divorce process.

They talk younger kids through what is happening, reinforcing that their parents still love them and that they are not to blame for their parents splitting up. They also have some great non-divorce related advice for kids such as contact information for Childline and the NSPCC as well as information on what to do if someone is hurting them.

For the teens it takes a similar approach, but with a much more mature focus on this so as not to feel condescending. It lists a number of helpful contacts for teens who might be in danger of being harmed, such as the NSPCC and TheHideout.org.uk.

If the couple are parents, it explains how they should broach the subject with their children, and how to explain certain things to them, while ensuring that the child is aware that they are still loved.

The site also offers some really great advice about how to deal with the financial aspect of divorce, covering budget, pensions, endowments, debts, settlements and when and how you should use a solicitor.

If you are looking for legal help Divorce Aid list divorce lawyers by region, with contact information for their recommended ones as well as great advice on how to handle the whole thing.

We really can't recommend this site enough to anyone going through divorce, so be sure to check it out or pass it on to anyone it might be useful to.

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