Airlines piling on the extras

You would have thought that airlines might want to make some things, like food and drink on board, free in order to make you want to fly with them rather than another provider.

But that's not the way it seems to have gone, with research from travelsupermarket.com suggesting that each airline is competing over how to get as much money possible out of passengers while they're captive onboard their airplanes.

Ryanair of course is the major culprit. One measly 500ml bottle of water, retailing for 25-50p in the supermarket, will set you back a whole £3. You want Pringles? Be prepared to pay for them. £2.20 to be precise – and that's only a very small packet.

Easyjet too charges over the odds – a small bottle of water costs six times as much as it would in the supermarket, while BMI Baby are raking it in with their highly priced sandwiches.

Our advice is to grab something in the Wetherspoons or one of the shops in the departure lounge, before you get on board. It's still more expensive than it should be, but at least you'll have more to choose from, and the weasly budget airlines won't see more of your money than they already have.

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