Aliexpress duty tax explained

If you're interested in buying from aliexpress.com you'll need to know a bit about tax and the sort of import charges you're likely to face because they’re not based in Europe. Thankfully working out Aliexpress duty tax isn't difficult as the online retailer have created a dedicated page for that.
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You'll find info on the subject at help.aliexpress.com/customs_related_issues but to make things simple you'll need to pay duty tax when you import from aliexpress.com as they're based in china. This tax, along with any customs charges will be collected by the shipping company on delivery.


According to hmrc.gov.uk: "You may have to pay VAT, Customs Duty or Excise Duty on goods sent from outside the European Union (EU) before you can collect them." Your goods may be seized if you don’t follow the rules and you may also be fined or prosecuted if you're not aware of the rules. Under international postal agreements the sender has to complete a customs declaration form (CN22 or CN23). Normally you'll find it fixed to the package. These forms include a description of the goods, their value and the fact that they've been sent commercially.

Tax calculator

There are normally additional costs or delays during international trade so they're things to be aware of. Without personal experience of trading with China, working out the possible time delays is difficult but you can get an idea of the tax costs by using a tax calculator. Tax on trades between China and the UK attract a 4.7% duty and the import VAT is set at 20%. If like most of us, you need help figuring all this out why not use a tax calculator? You can find a good one at dutycalculator.com.

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