All eyes on Yorkshire’s 3.5% Isa

As ’Isa season’ commences, The Yorkshire Building Society has thrown its hat in the ring with a new 3.5% two-year deal.

The rate is the top paying deal over two years, and while the it should attract a drove of savers who haven’t exhausted this year's £5,100 cash Isa allowance, the big boost is that it also allows the transference of existing Isa cash from other providers.

But while Yorkshire’s rate looks good today, remember that there’s still a while to go before the April end-of.tax-year deadline. Glitzier deals could be just around the corner for those who hold out.

And with rumours of a rise in the base rate likely to give savers a boost, it may be a better idea to invest in an instant access fund, such as Nationwide's 2.9% instant access account, than to lock yourself into a two year deal.

Still, it’s worth a butcher’s – particularly as you can transfer in existing Isa savings. Not many top-rates allow that.

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