Information on Alliance and Leicester online banking

The Alliance and Leicester online banking services are award-winning, after being voted Best Online Account for two years in a row. With over 1 million internet users, the Alliance and Leicester provides a comprehensive list of services for its online customer base. As well as their internet-only account, which cannot be accessed through a branch, they offer online services for nearly all of their other accounts. The only ones exempt are certain children's accounts, cash ISAs and trust funds.

As well as being able to quickly view your account balance from the comfort of an armchair, the Alliance and Leicester online banking set-up allows customers to organise standing orders, view and amend their personal details and order a copy of all their past statements. Account statements from the previous 3-months are available online, meaning you can print them off at leisure. If you are planning on applying for a loan or mortgage, having your bank statements to hand can speed up the process. You are also able to change the PIN relating to your ATM or debit card, making your life much easier all round.

The Alliance and Leisure online banking facilities are virtually fraud proof with the bank priding itself on promoting their customers safety as they shop and bank online. The Alliance and Leicester are one of a handful of banks who have digital layered software helping them wage the war against identity thieves and other fraudsters. The bank also offers all their customers, both online and branch, the chance to download a free version of their Rapport software. This is designed to further prevent fraud as well as educating the account holder on what they can do themselves to prevent their account and cards from identity thieves.

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