Whatever happened to Alliance and Leicester online banking?

It used to be one of the most familiar building societies on our High Street. When the Spanish banking giant Santander took it over though, Alliance and Leicester online banking accounts, as well as its branches, were gradually re-branded with the Santander logos.

You can still access your Alliance and Leicester accounts through the old web address at www.alliance-leicester.co.uk. Your online account is now under the Santander livery, although occasionally a little reminder of the old Alliance and Leicester blue and orange square design does flicker forlornly at the corner of the page.

Unfortunately the transition process was far from smooth, and there were numerous technical glitches that cost Santander (www.santander.co.uk) a lot of customer goodwill. There were long periods when customers were unable to access their money, or even view their accounts online.

Existing Alliance and Leicester, mortgages, bonds and savings accounts have remained in place after the changeover, although Santander's rates have obviously fluctuated to reflect competition in the banking sector and the changing economic climate.

Within a matter of months the old Alliance and Leicester online banking pages will be completely subsumed into the Santander online banking system. The bank promises that this will make operations much smoother and less susceptible to the kind of error that has plagued online dealings over the last 2 years.

Santander has plenty of ground to make up to regain some of the loyalty that the Alliance and Leicester once enjoyed. Online banking customers will hope that the worst is behind them.

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