What is the Amazon credit card

The Amazon credit card offers a zero percent interest on all purchases made for up to nine months. This means anything you buy on the card between that time will not accrue any charges, if you pay back the requested balance each month. They also offer a zero percent balance transfer offer for 12-months. This means you can transfer the balance of another credit card on to the Amazon credit card and pay no interest for a year. There is a small handling fee for this service, but the deal is attractive, especially if you have large credit card debt.

If you decide to try the Amazon credit card you will automatically receive a £10 gift voucher, this can be spent on any of the many items Amazon has to offer. The gift card is automatically added to your Amazon account when you receive approval for the card. The credit card also doubles as a loyal card, earning the holder one point for every £1 they spend on Amazon. It also offers one loyalty point for every £2 you decide to spend with other companies.

Your Amazon credit card will be completely paperless, meaning every contact you have concerning your bill will be via the net. Amazon will open an account for you and you will be asked to create a password. From this account you can access all information pertaining to your credit card, including statements and your outstanding balance. Amazon also offer contactless payments, meaning you can pay for items under £15 without entering your pin number.

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