American Express Travel Insurance: What Should You Get?

American Express travel insurance at americanexpress.com/travel-insurance is something you can easily avail anytime in your trip, regardless of whether you are only about to leave for a holiday or you have already reached your destination. All you need is your American Express card and you can ask for a quotation online. The quotation will be valid for 7 days, with the core insurance package open to discounts.

Types of Discounts You Can Enjoy

There is a good chance that your initial quote can be further reduced – thanks to the company’s numerous discount programmes. Some of the discount programmes that you can readily apply for include Baggage and Cancellation Exclusions, Discounts for Online Application, EHIC and Double Excess.

Multiple Trip or Annual Travel Insurance

If it is tradition for you to take a leave or go on a holiday more than once a year, you will probably save more by signing up for insurance that is good for multiple trips in a single year. This will save you more money compared to booking for several single-trip insurance policies or one for each trip that you take.

Prices start at £20.62, and you may learn more about your different options by visiting americanexpress.com/uk/personal/travel-insurance/annual-travel-insurance/annual-hub.shtml.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

At americanexpress.com/uk/personal/travel-insurance/winter-sports-travel-insurance.html, you will be able to learn more about American Express travel insurance for ski holidays, which the company is particularly famous for. Once you sign up for this package, you get coverage for all your winter sports equipment, as well as for any off-piste skiing that you do. There is also coverage available for piste closure and snowboarding covers, as well as avalanche. This policy may also be used for other types of winter sports. Prices start at £33.56 for this policy.

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