Animal friends dog insurance; the best insurance for your dog!

Animal Friends dog insurance is one of the best companies when it comes to insuring your dog. Whether it's a full sized pooch or a new pup Animal Friends have got you covered.

Animal Friends are an established UK based insurance company that provide insurance for all manner of animals. They have been around for over a decade and are always willing to take a call, regardless of what the query may be, Animal Friends are there to help.

They handle all of the claims in house so you will always have someone to talk directly too and take care of your claim. Unlike many other companies they will insure older animals. A lot of other companies put up the wall as soon as the pet is older.

The best way to really get a feel of what they are really about is to check them out online. Just search for 'Animal Friends' and you can go ahead and check out their website.

The website is very easy to navigate with everything marked out and labelled clearly. All you have to do is find your way to the dog insurance section and you can check out everything they have to offer you and your dog.

There are certain breeds that they cannot insure but they cover about 90% of the breeds in the UK. Once you have found your dog breed you can get an instant quote on the insurance costs.If you like what you see just pay up and you can be covered instantly. It really is that simple!

When you think of pet insurance be sure to check out Animal Friends.

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