How to Apply for Bereavement Government Grants

If you have a limited income and need to pay for funeral costs, you can apply for government grants designed to help you cover the expenses relating to the funeral. You will need to provide information such as your relationship to the deceased, any government assistance you receive and how much money you may have in savings.

In order to apply for government grants to cover funeral expenses you must have been either, the partner of the deceased or the parent or guardian. You can also apply if you were a relative or close friend of the deceased in the case there is no other family to help cover the costs. The grant comes from the social fund and will pay the expenses of the funeral director as well as the costs of a coffin and basic flowers.

You may also be eligible to apply for other government grants relating to bereavement. The bereavement payment is a one-off payment of £2,000. You can apply for this if you are the civil partner, spouse or partner of the deceased. The payment is made from the social fund and is 100% tax-free. To further qualify the deceased must be under pension age when they died and have contributed national insurance payments when they were alive. You do not qualify if you were divorced from the deceased or separated and in a new relationship.

You can apply for government grants online, over the phone or at your nearest Job Centre Plus. There they have staff that can help advise you as to your eligibility as well as help you fill in the necessary forms. You will need to provide identification for yourself and in the case of bereavement grants; you will need to produce the original death certificate for the deceased.

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