Apps the way to do it

Smartphone apps are a dime a dozen yet they can help you save hundreds of pounds. Unlock the penny pincher in you with our fave money saving apps.

Use the Amazon Discount Finder to search the whole of Amazon by percentage discount. It’ll help you cut down on thousands of search results and help you find bargains.

MyVoucherCodes is a discount website, and you can download an app of it from the iTunes store or via the Android Operating System. It uses GPS technology to allow users to search for discounts in their area, and has offers from a range of retailers and restaurants, such as Gap or even Pizza Hut.

VoucherCloud and Moneysupermarket are similar, offering, it claims, 6,000 discounts at any one time. Like MyVoucherCodes, the app uses your device’s location to guide you towards discounts for local businesses.

So what are you waiting for? Download the apps and go shop today!

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