Are Tesco loans available in Ireland?

If you've been looking for cheap loans at reasonable rates then you've probably been gazing enviously at the deals being offered by Tesco finance in the UK. Their financial products are beginning to roll out in Ireland. Unfortunately, however, Tesco loans aren't available in Ireland yet.

This doesn't mean you can't still bag an unbelievable deal on a personal loan in Ireland. In this blog we'll be recommending you take a gander at the flexible loans on offer currently from AIB. So let's check them out!

AIB have had a rough few years thanks to their part in the financial crisis that engulfed Ireland. However, they've emerged from under the cloud and are now very much open for business once again. This is reflected in the great offers in their loans department.

AIB loans are brilliant due to the flexibility offered by the bank, with customers welcome to make unscheduled repayments. So if you come into a bit of money, you can feel free to use it to pay off your loan. They will also negotiate payment holidays should you need them. Their rates are also fantastic, with APR ranging from 14.58% to 11.68% for the larger loans.

AIB have also helpfully included a "Personal Loan Calculator" in their personal loan section, so you can see exactly how much the loan will cost you, aswell as play around with the length of the loan.

There are no set up charges or fees for early repayment of your loan, and the loan terms run from one to five years, so check them out today online at http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Personal-Loan.

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