Are you looking to buy a property in London?

With the sluggish recovery to the property market, this is a good time to buy a flat in the capital. Properties are staying on the market for longer and it's a buyers market, with many sellers happy to take any offer that is made.

You may also find that in certain up and coming areas, or areas previously considered less than trendy, there is a glut of properties available and all very reasonably priced. You may also find that properties in an area that you previously had your eye on but couldn’t afford now fall into your price bracket.

If you are looking to buy a flat then it is best to consult the property section of the local newspapers to get an idea of what you can expect to buy for your money. The next step would be to register with a local estate agent giving them a firm outline of your expectations both from them and of the property.

You can also try searching online to see if you can find the perfect home that way: there are many online estate agents now.

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