The perks of an Argos Credit Card

Save money with interest free credit, or even pay nothing for up to 12 months with an Argos credit card. As the UK's market leader for home and general merchandise products, Argos has a wide variety of items, available for sale through various channels -- traditional retail stores, online and telephone sales.

Terms and Conditions - The Argos credit card has a 29.9% APR. However, "pay nothing" plans are available for up to two years. By paying off the amount at any time before the two years are up, customers will pay no interest on the item. After the two year period, the interest rate reverts automatically to 29.9%

Argos credit card statements for UK customers are sent monthly, but only if the card is being used regularly. Otherwise, customers will receive an annual statement.

Pay your Argos credit card by direct debit. In the UK, call 0845 640 0700 to set up the direct debit process. Alternatively, pay by mail, sending a cheque with the giro slip -- allow five days for processing -- or take the giro slip to your bank to pay in person.

How to Apply - Apply for an Argos credit card at one of the UK's 700 retail stores, online at the Argos website, or by telephone at 0845 640 0701.

In most cases, applicants will get an instant decision, however there may be occasions when more information or further checks are needed and in those cases an immediate decision may not be possible.

Once the application is completed, sign and return the necessary forms to receive your Argos credit card to your UK mailing address within 10 working days.

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